Lum Lums

Everyone values friendship and no one loves friendship more than the Lum Lums. They love making friends so much it lights them up!

The Lum Lums are four girls who are true friends. When they hold hands they light up, showing off the power of true friendship. Now girls everywhere can join in this magical circle of friendship as the Lum Lums live out their adventures in Lumination Village.

The new Lum Lum collection features four individual Light-Up dolls including:

  • Floressa - Her amazing flower creations are the highlight at every garden party
  • Trindi - She is a fabulous fashionista with designs that dominate the runway
  • Yummie - Her pastry creations are always the talk of the town
  • Valerina - Her dancing will always steal the show

Each Lum Lum has her own style and shares with her friends. All their skirts, boots and accessories are interchangeable. Each Lum Lum also has her very own pet NuNu, who also light up when their noses touch.

Find Lum Lums in boutique stores and online at Amazon.

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