Matteo Renzi, Italy's youngest ever prime minister, sworn in

On Saturday, Italy swore in the 39-year-old Matteo Renzi, who is the youngest ever prime minister for the country.

His Cabinet of ministers are also quite young, with half being women, reports the Los Angeles Times. The average age of the 16-member Cabinet is 47. Renzi's Cabinet also includes Roberta Pinotti, the country's first female defense minister.

In addition to being quite young, Renzi is only the third prime minister to take office without first going through an election. The others to take the prime minister role include the just-succeeded Enrico Letta and Mario Monti. The latter took office in the wake of the Silvio Berlusconi scandal.

According to AFP, this is Renzi's first time on the national stage as he was Florence's mayor before. He became the Democratic Party leader only a couple of months ago.

Though older voters are skeptical of Renzi, the younger voters showed interest in him as he cleverly used social media to help his cause and currently remains unstained by a political scandals. He tends to spurn more formal wear that most Italian politicians prefer for jeans and a leather jacket.

Though he did well in Florence, where he worked to lower taxes and looked to help increase innovation, skeptics believe he is too wet behind the ears to deal with certain aspects of being prime minister, such as dealing with trade unions.

image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

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