Mike Gordon opens about new solo album

Mike Gordon, the bassist for legendary rock 'n' roll band Phish, has just released his fourth solo album, Overstep.

The album features 11 new songs that include contributions from Gordon's longtime friend and collaborator Scott Murawski, also featured on this album is drummer Matt Chamberlain who is known for his work with Fiona Apple and Tori Amos, Billboard reported.

The album has a very unique musical style and embraces many different vibes from rock to funk.

Gordon spoke about his latest album and how this is different than his former albums. "So much of what I hear on the radio seems to use the same tonality and the same groove. But every once in awhile you hear a track, you crank it up, and it feels fresh. To me, I just get bored so quickly with the same sounds," Gordon explained.

Gordon also went on to talk about his never ending love for Phish. Gordon explained that Phish is currently working on another album and he was slightly worried about having two records going at the same time. "Everyone's working from their separate spots but it's sounding pretty fantastic. I was worried about having two records in my life and then to realize I love both of them, it's like something's gotta go wrong here. I'll probably get hit by a bus later this afternoon. At least two records will be done that I've put more of my heart into than ever before," said Gordon.

The Republic reviewed his most recent album and said that this was one of the most "accessible" albums for fans to date.

image: Wikimedia Commons

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