Miley Cyrus 'Bangerz' tour creates angry backlash amongst parents

Miley Cyrus has taken the world by storm the past year by acting controversially in all of her performances, music videos and songs. It was obvious that when she would begin her “Bangerz” tour, it would be anything but PG rated. However, people didn’t realize that it would be X rated and many parents are beginning to become upset with the way in which Cyrus performs during her tour.
Cambino stated that according to an Australian entertainment website, Cyrus’s management team has been extremely overwhelmed with the amount of phone calls and mail regarding the performance Cyrus gave during her “Bangerz” concerts.
One parent left with her daughter, claiming that they left because she felt as though she was subjecting her daughter to a “porn show.”
According to the The International Business Times Cyrus is cutting out all twerking from the concert because she wants her ‘talents’ to shine through rather than what she has recently been known for, which is twerking.
Although parents are becoming outraged with the way in which Cyrus puts on her show, one has to wonder why parents haven’t caught on to the fact that Cyrus is no longer a Disney channel sweetheart and that one shouldn’t bring a nine year old to a concert of someone who has clearly advertised in the past year their passion for marijuana, booty shaking and inappropriate use of foam fingers.

image: youtube

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