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Miranda Lambert releases 'Automatic'

Miranda Lambert is going back to her country roots with her latest single, "Automatic." This is the first single off of Lambert's upcoming album which will be released later this year.

The single has a very classic country music feel and reminds listeners to enjoy the little things in life and slow down. Lambert sings about the days of using pay phones, how she learned to drive a stick shift and recording the country countdown on her cassette recorder because she couldn't afford the albums.

Lambert's vocals on the track stand out, she manages to tell a story and draw fans in with every note. She keeps her classic use of guitars and catchy melodies to create this "down home" southern song that fits right into the modern style that country music is heading into.

The song will bring fans back into days of slowing down and taking a deep breathe. It is light hearted and Lambert delivers her personal message flawlessly while being surrounding by guitars.

This is a more heartfelt and classic sound for Lambert who is known for upbeat and rock driven singles like "Kerosene" and "Mama's Broken Heart" but Lambert once again proves that she can do many types of musical genres.

Fans have been responding well to the single through downloads and live streaming and seem excited that Lambert will be releasing another album soon.

Listen to "Automatic" here:

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