Mother confronts drunk driver who gave her son severe brain damage

A victim of a drunk driver wanted to confront the man who ruined her and her son’s lives.

Loubna Elharazin Khader confronted Stewart Richardson in prison Thursday after hearing he wanted to apologize. Richardson rear-ended Khader’s car in 2003 causing severe brain damage to her then 6-year-old son. Richardson pleaded guilty in the case and could be in prison the rest of his life.

According to USA Today, Khader pushed a picture of her son against the two-way glass between her and Richardson and demanded that he look at her son.

WFAA’s Jim Douglas tweeted a photo of the encounter.

Richardson said he continuously prays for the family and often apologizes. Khader, however, was not swayed by his words.

“I’m supposed to be [able to] go home now and my son is going to be OK because you said you’re sorry?” Khader asked Richardson. “It’s been five years today. Five years! My son is dying every single day.”

Khader said after the encounter that she felt a little of her burden was lifted.

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