Mrs. Freshley's Cakes and Snacks

A very yummy box of samples arrived at our house this week - a pretty awesome variety of Mrs. Freshley's snacks and enough to satisfy the cravings of everyone. These fresh and delicious snacks can tempt any of your sweet tooth's desires and will satisfy your every craving. For my constantly "out the door and about the town" household, the fact that they are individually wrapped and ready for transport is a major selling point.

We were treated to some newer products including chocolate bells, Dreamies and fudge filled creme cookies.
The chocolate bells are HEAVENLY: they are moist fudge cakes, filled with creme and covered in a delish chocolate icing. They are made with HERSHEY's cocoa and are sold in boxes of six.
My daughter LOVES the "fudge cremes" or yummy fudge filled chocolate cookies that are the perfect size to satisfy your chocolate fix. They are sold in a box of 9 pieces.
Finally we tried the "Dreamies" - both the traditional creme filled cakes as the raspberry flavored creme filled cake (perfectly red for any Valentine's celebration).

The company's website also provided this creative mommy with AWESOME holiday recipes. They suggest the awesome "chocolate lovers kabobs" complete with cakes, strawberries and marshmallows, "fudge conversation hearts" and my personal fave (and the dessert for my son's classroom celebration towards the end of the week: "valentine's Dreamies" (raspberry sauce drizzled "Dreamies" cakes cut expertly into the shape of a heart.

For more information and promotions please visit as well as visiting them on Facebook ( and twitter (@mrsfreshleys) as well as signing up for their E News which supplies info on contests, offers and giveaways.

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