'My Little Pony' tattoos help support severely bullied Michael Morones

Terribly bullied and made fun of, an 11-year-old North Carolina boy recently attempted suicide. Texas tattoo artist, Tony Wayne, came up with a permanent way to support the young boy, his family and their unfortunate situation.

The tattoo artist from Imperial Tattoo in Sugarland, Texas, created a way to support tormented Michael Morones. The shop is offering tattoos for $20, inspired by “My Little Pony.” The profits will go straight to the Morones’ family and to StopBullying.org.

Michael Morone was a super fan of the cartoon, “My Little Pony,” which was a huge part of why he was severely bullied and ridiculed by his classmates.

“I saw his story, and I knew I wanted to help somehow,” Wayne said “And this was pretty much the only way I know how,” according to WKTR

The response has been eye opening. 40 My Little Pony tattoos have been tattooed—some on those who have never experienced the pain under the needle before.

Some clients don’t even know Michael and want to support the cause while others are part of the expediently growing “bronie” community. “Bronies” are known to be adult men within the "My Little Pony" loving sub culture, also featured in a new Netflix documentary.

Michael Morones tried hanging himself on his bedpost at the end of January, which may have resulted in permanent brain damage, according to ABC

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