NBC quickly changes Jay Leno sign

NBC is taking no time to erase the memories of Jay Leno from The Tonight Show. It only took a few hours before workers began painting over The Tonight Show logo and Leno’s name that was painted on the building where the show was filmed.

As previously reported, Leno said goodbye after 22 years to more than 14 million people with the highest ratings since 1998 on Thursday, February 6, 2014.

According to TMZ NBC has already begun to remove Leno’s name from the side of the building where The Tonight Show was filmed. Only one day after the show Leno’s reign ended, forklifts, rollers, and a painter crew were seen whitening out the sign.

Oddly enough NBC is not crunched for time to change the sign before Jimmy Fallon takes over the show on Feb. 17 as Fallon has moved the headquarters for the show from L.A. to New York City.

This is not the first goodbye from Leno. In 2009, Conan O’Brien took over the show, however it turned out to be a flop and Leno later took over his position again.

Although this may not be the first goodbye, it does seem NBC it making it clear that this is a permanent goodbye.

Photo courtesy of NBC.

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