New Girl 'Prince' Recap

The Super Bowl might have been a bore but Sunday night was livened up with the latest episode of New Girl, featuring pop superstar Prince.

The episode begins with an irrelevant yet highly entertaining scene. The guys are sitting around the living room, when Winston enters the room asking for permission to move Jess’s panties from the dryer. From then on, the scene takes off in a comedic overload of panty jokes which for some reason never seem to get old.

Moments later, Jess and CeCe enter the scene to the guys moving the panties with the end of a broom. Despite the obviously awkward situation, Jess and CeCe erupt with joy when they inform their friends that they will be attending a party at Prince’s house. The two of them explain that they were lucky enough to almost get hit by a car driven by one of Prince’s employees.

Later that night, Jess and CeCe get ready for the party, and Schmidt enters wearing an expensive tuxedo. He tells the guys that this is the party where he will be taken to the next level, and he will finally make friends that are cool enough for him. Jess then enters the scene, and asks “Why is Schmidt in a suit?”

As Jess and CeCe wave goodbye to the guys from their complimentary limosine, Jess’s quirky excitement is irresistible, she beams, and says “Hey look! I’m in a limo! I wish I had really long legs so I could stretch them out the length of the limo.” Nick waves goodbye, and blurts out “Well, have fun, I love ya!” to which Jess responds with two pointed “finger guns.”

Nick and Jess are both freaking out. Nick is worried that he got too intense, and will scare Jess away while Jess feels like a fool for responding with her finger guns. At the bar, Nick and the guys discuss his mistake, then deciding to attend the party in order for Nick to take back his I love you.

When the guys finally arrive, they have to muster up a plan to get into the party. Winston and Coach seem to have this situation under control and whip out a practiced act they lovingly refer to as “Fire and Ice.” The two engage in a fake war reunion, embrace, cry, and somehow pull on the bouncers heart strings to get into the soiree. Nick and Schmidt attempt something called “Ham and Cheese” and Nick ends up sneaking in with a gaggle of ladies leaving Schmidt behind.

Once inside the party, Nick finds Jess and attempts to take back what he said. She interrupts him, and says very seriously that she should have responded differently- but before she is able to return the sentiment she has a panic attack and faints.

When Jess finally comes to, she is outside of the party surrounded by her friends. Nick expresses that the fainting might have been worse than the finger gun reaction. As they attempt to work out their issues, Schmidt falls out of the hedge.

Jess and Nick are left alone with their awkward “feelings talk” when none other than Prince shows up. The two are dumbfounded, and the coy superstar apologizes, “Oh, I’m sorry I haven’t given you enough time to freak out yet.” Both of them scream out, and Nick collapses. Fainting from extreme emotion became some what of a trend in this episode.

When we return to the scene, Prince is sandwiched between Jess and Nick on a bench. They all nervously look back and forth at each other. Prince then states that he has no idea what finger guns are, and Jess demonstrates. Prince then asks Nick to leave Jess and him alone to talk about their situation.

Meanwhile, Schmidt and CeCe seem be having some sort of a moment. Schmidt has his head buried in CeCe’s chest in attempts to hide from the bouncer. Nick seems to be taking Jess’s private Prince time pretty personally, so naturally, he gets drunk. He then interrupts “Fire and Ice” and insults the supermodels they are attempting to seduce with their infamous act.

Prince and Jess sit in the kitchen, as she eats pancakes. Prince accuses Jess of being scared to express her feelings, to which she blurts out “You’re stupid!” she immediately regrets it and her decides to forgive her. Prince provides Jess with some words of wisdom, “Anything beautiful is worth getting hurt for, you know who said that --- me.”

Prince then takes Jess through a series of preparations to tell Nick how she feels. He dresses her in numerous outfits, destroys her in ping-pong, scares her with a pitch-black closet lock in, and has her practice saying love in a room lit by candlelight. The last exercise involves a fluttering butterfly, Prince asks “Do you understand now?” and Jess nods, the butterfly then lands gracefully on his shoulder and she’s a little confused.

Prince whispers a departing message to Jess before she is sent to Nick, and she can’t hear him. He repeats it and she nods. She seems ready. Prince tells Jess “This is your party now” in a very majestic tone.

Jess then floats into the room wearing a floor length gown and a sparkly head piece. She calls out to Nick, and walks up to him, whispering something in her ear. The scene mocks the Prince whisper, and Nick says he can’t hear her. Jess blurts out “I love you! I love you, Nick Miller!” It’s very adorable.

The magic continues when Prince calls Jess on stage to sing a duet, then the rest of the gang joins in. Jess, Nick, Coach, Schmidt, and Winston all reflect on their couch about their evening. They then realize that CeCe is missing. The last scene is CeCe and Prince playing ping-pong.

New Girl airs on FOX, Tuesday nights at 9/8c.

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