Nicki Minaj addresses Malcom X controversy

Singer Nicki Minaj is receiving much criticism from using a photo of the civil rights leader, Malcom X, to go along with her newly released single, “Looking Ass N---a.”

On Feb. 12, Minaj posted a photo on her website and Instagram of the civil rights leader looking out a window while holding a rifle. This was in an effort to promote her new single.

As earlier reported by Rolling Stone, "Ms. Minaj's artwork for her single does not depict the truth of Malcolm X's legacy" said Malcolm X's daughter, Ilyasah Shabazz on Feb. 14.

Mark Roesler, CEO of the business representative for the Malcom X estate said that it was a family photo that was taken completely out of context and in a very inaccurate way. The photo is supposed to show Malcom X trying to protect his family from death threats after his home was firebombed.

As reported by the Daily News, Minaj has taken the artwork off of her website as well as the social media page. Minaj apologized to the Malcom X estate in a statement of Thursday, Feb. 13, saying that the picture was not the official artwork that she was going to use to promote her single.

Minaj also said in an interview with Hot 97, “I looked at it as this is one of the most memorable people in our history, in black history, who voiced his opinion no matter what, and I understand how my intent was overlooked and I definitely didn't want to offend his family or his legacy."

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