OneRepublic extends 2014 tour

One Republic has been experiencing success with their latest album, Native and chart topping singles, "Counting Stars." The band recently announced a large 2014 the 16-date tour and has additional plans to extend the tour.

The band sold out so many dates on their upcoming tour that they decided to extend the tour further into late August, Billboard reported. The tour has now expanded to 27 dates.

MarketWatch added that the 'Native' tour will kick off at the famous Red Rocks venue in Colorado. The tour will be concluding in late August.

Frontman Ryan Tedder talked about the bands recent success and their urge to get out and play for fans. "We always knew we were going to go out again in the summer, we just didn't know in what capacity or how big or whatever. To test the waters, we picked mostly the major markets for the June tour, and it blew out so quickly in so many of the cities that... we were just kind of stupefied," said Tedder.

2013 into 2014 has been a strong year for One Republic, the band is back on par with their debut success when they released, "Apologize" their debut single.

Listen to "Counting Stars" here:

image: Wikimedia Commons

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