Prank leaves Arkansas teen dead

A childish and harmless prank turns deadly when 15-year-old Adrian Broadway was killed.

Fox News reports that Broadway was with a group of friends when the fatality occurred. The purpose behind the prank was ”retaliation” on another teenager who had pulled a prank on them on Halloween.

The teenagers involved told the Little Rock Police Department that they had thrown toilet paper, mayonnaise, and eggs on the car that was parked at the house. After the teens were done with the prank a man rushed out and opened fire. In result of the gun being fired Broadway was shot in the head and died.

CNN added that another teenager was wounded in his right arm. The teenager was taken to the hospital and was released shortly after.

The suspect that shot at the teenagers was 48-year-old Willie Noble. Noble was charged with; one count of first-degree murder, terroristic act, and five counts of aggravated assault.

In regards to the fatality of the prank Lt. Sidney Allen said, "When those kids left to go out and do this, they -- by no means -- did any one of them think that this was going to be a horrible event. They didn't think that it would end up being a deadly prank.”

The bond for Noble was set at $ 1 million dollars.

Broadway’s friend Laguyia Bland, came forward to say that she was grief stricken with the news. Bland said, "They was trying to be teenagers. As you know, teenagers make mistakes, and this was one of those mistakes.”

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