Pregnant Hawaiian woman, Carly Scott, still missing

Police are searching today for a missing pregnant woman, Carly Scott, who was last seen last Sunday night after driving her ex-boyfriend and father of her unborn baby home. Since her disappearance the only signs of Scott discovered have been her dog who appeared Monday at a market about 40 miles from where she was seen last and her abandoned SUV found in a remote area Wednesday.

Scott, 26, who is 15 months pregnant was called by her on-again off-again boyfriend Steven Capobianco to come pick him up after he had car troubles reported ABC News.

Scott and Capobianco drove out to the town of Keane where Capobianco’s truck had gotten stuck, Capobianco told authorities. Afterwards the two drove back to Haiku separately and Capobianco said he had seen her lights in his rearview mirror throughout the trip back according to CBS News.

Although Capobianco has not been charged or listed as a suspect in the disappearance, he was issued a lie detector test which authorities told him he failed.

"They didn't make me take it again. I'm honestly not convinced I failed, I think they might have just said that as a tactic, but I really don't know I'm walking around right now without handcuffs on," Capobianco said.

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