Rave Review Culinary Brandy

We were recently asked to try out Rave Review!s Culinary Spirits. These yummy cooking liquors are made by chefs and specifically for cooking. Options include Culinary Brandy, Culinary Blended Bourbon, Culinary Rum and Culinary Hops.
The Rave Review team of chefs is hand-picked from all over the country and represent all areas of culinary expertise.
We were thrilled to try out the Culinary Brandy; perfect for pork, poultry, desserts and pan sauces.

What makes it perfect for cooking is its ability to retain its flavor and remain smooth despite the heat. You can taste the yummy hint of orange zest and oak which both the hubby and I loved. There are recipes and tips right on their website www.ravereviewspirits.com; we chose to try the Brandy Beef Chili and the Brandy Whipped Cream. The chili was absolutely DELICIOUS, it was an easy recipe to follow and everyone loved it. The whipped cream was truly the most amazing dessert topping ever. Perfect with strawberries; we both said we would make this recipe again and again. Recipes on site are broken down by the type of Rave Review Spirit you have and there are options for all tastes and preferences.

For more information or to purchase Rave Review Culinary Spirits please visit once again www.ravereviewspirits.com or you can also find them on Facebook (www.facebook.com/ravereviewculinaryspirits) as well as Twitter and Pinterest. Bottles cost around $9.99 each making them perfectly affordable! We cannot wait to try another one!

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