Researchers build artificial muscle using fishing line

A team of researchers has created an artificial muscle that is 100 times more powerful than a human muscle. What’s even more intriguing is that the muscle was built using twisted fishing line.

International researchers led by scientists at the University of Texas at Dallas found that common nylon materials can be converted into super strong artificial muscles that react to temperature changes.

The muscles were made by twisting the nylon threads a certain way. Once the muscles were coiled into a spiral they tightened at a warmer temperature and loosened up when the temperature cooled, much like real muscles.

According to nydailynews the coiling process is actually quite minor; it is all about how much tension and weight you apply to the thread when you are twisting.

According to ThePalmBeachPost Dr. Ray Baughman said, "The application opportunities for these polymer muscles are vast ... Today's most advanced humanoid robots, prosthetic limbs and wearable exoskeletons are limited by motors and hydraulic systems…” This discovery will lead to many opportunities.

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