SallyeAnder Soap Baby Line

Before "going green" became a catchphrase there was SallyeAnder. SallyeAnder has been making "The Best Soap in America" for 30 years using only the finest in natural ingredients.

SallyeAnder uses olive oil or soy as their base. They also use pure, edible ingredients and the finest essential oils to create a luxurious, all-natural soap.

SallyeAnder is so safe you can use their soaps on the entire family, and now even on babies with their new Baby Line.

Baby Bar Soap

This gentle aloe and olive oil soap doesn't contain any dyes or artificial ingredients. It can be used on the most sensitive skins. It contains essential oils of tangerine, rose, balsam, lavender and spearmint. Gentle and effective, it comes with an all-natural sea sponge.

Baby Balm

This all natural balm is perfect for moisturizing your baby's delicate skin, while soothing bottoms and boo-boos. It is made from a variety of oils and butters that moisturize and heal the skin including Vitamin E rich grape seed oil, hemp seed oil, cupuacu butter, and mango butter.

Baby Laundry Soap

This mild soap contains no harsh detergents and yet does an amazing job on cloth diapers. Dye- and fragrance-free this laundry soap is safe for baby's skin yet strong enough to be used as a spot and stain remover.

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