Sochi 2014 Final Medal Count

The Sochi 2014 Winter Games have ended, and the Closing Ceremony is under way. After an exciting two weeks of non-stop events, the final medal count reveals that 26 out of 89 countries have managed to make it on the board. The results of today's events are as followed:

Russia earned a Gold in Four-Man Bobsleigh, a Gold, Silver, and Bronze from Alexander Legkov, Maxim Vylegzhanin, and Ilia Chernousov respectively in Cross-Country: Men's 50 km Mass Start Free.

Canada earned a Gold in Men's Hockey.

The United States earned a Bronze in Four-Man Bobsleigh.

Sweden increased their medal count to 15 after earning a Silver in Men's Hockey.

Latvia increased their medal count to 4 after earning a Silver in the Four-Man Bobsleigh.

After two weeks of celebrations, disappointments, injuries, and picture perfect wins, the top five countries are:

5. The Netherlands with 9 Bronze, 7 Silver, and 8 Gold; a total of 24 Medals.

4. The United States with 12 Bronze, 7 Silver, and 9 Gold; a total of 28 medals.

3. Canada with 5 Bronze, 10 Silver, and 10 Gold; a total of 25 medals.

2. Norway with 10 Bronze, 5 Silver, and 11 Gold; a total of 26 medals.

1. Russia with 9 Silver, 11 Silver, and 13 Gold; a total of 33 medals.

You can view the entire medal count here.

Image: NBC

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