Stolen car found 40 years later

After missing for 40 years, the stolen Volkswagen Beetle of a Tennessee man has been discovered in Detroit.

According to RJ, a man named Joseph McDonald reported it stolen in 1974.

"I knew exactly where I had parked it, right on Highland Avenue, and when we came back there was just an empty spot there. Just poof. It just vanished," McDonald stated.

The Volkswagen was stolen while McDonald was out to dinner with a group of friends and he was sure he would never be reunited with his Beetle.

After McDonald looked at the photographs of the car the authorities had discovered, he was certain that it was his stolen Beetle. The car that was once red in 1974, is now white.

"She's got a new paint job, the same top. I know that's the bumpers. That's original bumpers. And that top stayed down. It didn't matter how cold it was," McDonald said.

"I had always hoped to be reunited with that thing. I've actually told my youngest daughter about that car and she said, 'Boy I wish you still had it,' and I said, 'I do too. I loved it.' And I never dreamed in my wildest dreams that I might get it back," McDonald explained.

FOX News noted that the Knoxville Police Department is requiring McDonald to present the title of the vehicle to the investigators before they will release it back into his care.

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