Stupid Amazon Reviews: Copco Non-Skid 2-Tier Cabinet Turntable

Who couldn’t do without The Copco Non-Skid 2 Tier Cabinet Turntable? According to the Amazon description, this simple but fashionable tray is absolutely perfect for kitchen use, baking, and decorating items. The non-skid surface has platforms that are simple and easy to clean. And best of all, it’s only $12.99!

“I bought this little gem a few months ago and it's still spinning. Not a stain on it that a couple of wipes with a wet cloth won't fix and I keep it on the counter next to my stove which is so convenient.” - Lake Girl
A gem! Good to know, Lake Girl.

“This is very well made and not like those flimsy "all plastic" ones. It's also a little larger than the "all plastic" ones.” - LAM
No one likes “all plastic” these days.

“This item holds some of my paint bottles since I am an artist. Works great! Just give it a spin and I get my paint instantly. I like instant.” - Lee Jones
Creative and instant, here’s the 2 Tier!

“I replaced a cheap, wobbly lazy susan with this product to store the spices in my pantry. My husband even commented how much easier and nicer it is to use over the crummy one that I tossed.” - SMW
Probably a joy to get rid of that Lazy Susan.

“Assembly was super quick, made it in time for Christmas. Sits perfectly in our corner, no problems with the spinning and it holds all of our multi-shaped spice bottles.” - C. Joseph
A perfect holiday gift.

Here’s to an end to skidding and a beginning to versatility!

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