Third cruise ship encounters illness

The Caribbean Princess is the latest cruise ship to encounter illness outbreak while out at sea. This is the third cruise ship in the last few weeks to report major health problems.

On Thursday The Caribbean Princess returned to Houston, a full day earlier than it was expected. The ship headed back early when almost 200 cruisers including passengers and crew reported gastrointestinal symptoms.

Due to the unfortunate circumstances the passengers were offered some bonuses. According to

According to AssociatedPress the ship departed Jan. 25 for the Caribbean with more than 4,200 people on board. Cruise liners are required to report to the Center for Disease Control if more than 3 percent of the passengers on board the ship become sick.

The ship will reportedly be thoroughly sanitized before the next departure. Even with a full sanitization cleansing it seems as though cruises are a dangerous choice of vacation as of recently.

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