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Eminem is back in the headlines due to the recent announcement from 50 Cent that he would be leaving Interscope/Shady Record to join an indie division of Capitol Records.

It has been a long ride for Eminem in the music industry long before he discovered 50 Cent. He started his career by shocking audiences with his over the top lyrics and attacked every pop star he could find that was close by.

Since the early days Eminem has gone through personal struggles, rehab and is now sober and enjoying the success of his recent album, Marshall Mathers LP 2. Eminem is not afraid to talk about his demons with his fans and is showing that even after his music took a turn for the worse he came back better than ever and has regained his top spot in the rap music industry. is counting down the top ten Eminem singles, including, "Lose Yourself," "Toy Soldiers," and "Not Afraid." Did your favorite not make the list comment below and add your favorite Eminem single.

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10. No Love ft. Lil’ Wayne

Lil’ Wayne and Eminem teamed up for a lyrical battle in “No Love.” Which was featured on Eminem’s album, Recovery. It had been rumored for years that Eminem and Lil’ Wayne did not get along but the two came together for an amazing collaboration that is a fan favorite today.

Some of the videos that are featured below feature explicit lyrics.

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9. Like Toy Soldiers

“Like Toy Soldiers” showed another layer to Eminem and explained again that the rap star is not afraid to open up about his life through his music. This type of honesty and passion is what fans are drawn to from Eminem over and over.

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8. The Monster ft. Rihanna

Rihanna and Eminem teamed up again for more musical success with “The Monster.” Which is currently taking over the charts and the music video gained millions of views moments after it was released on YouTube and VEVO.

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7. I Need a Doctor ft. Dr. Dre and Skylar Grey

Eminem has often said that he wouldn’t be who he is today or even alive without Dr. Dre by his side. The power behind this track and the emotionless that can be heard through the verses from Eminem and Dre will not be forgotten.

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6. When I’m Gone

Before Eminem had come out the other side of his addiction he released this emotional and dark track that connected with fans. Eminem is not afraid to show he who is and will leave everything on the table with fans.

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5. Stan

Eminem came together with Elton John at the Grammy awards a few years back to perform “Stan.” That performance alone broke down walls and barriers that had been placed between Eminem and the gay community, it was a powerful musical moment and the song really left a haunting tone after the performance concluded.

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4. Cleaning Out My Closet

Eminem did not wait long before he started putting his own personal life into his music. “Cleaning Out My Closet” shows the aggression and passion behind each word that Eminem raps.

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3. Love The Way You Lie

When Rihanna and Eminem first teamed up they created musical magic with “Love The Way You Lie.” The song deals with real life situations such as domestic violence and topped the charts in many categories. The duo of Eminem and Rihanna would come back together for his next album but “Love The Way You Lie” will always be a fan favorite.

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2. Not Afraid

When Eminem came back from rehab and an album that did not do so well, he returned loud and better than ever with his album, Recovery and the single “Not Afraid” became a new anthem for underdogs everywhere.

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1. Lose Yourself

Eminem even proved his talent as an actor in the film 8 Mile which was based upon his life. The title song from the film is still used today as an inspirational song. This might not be the song that started Eminem’s career but it helped to kick his career into hyper drive. “Lose Yourself” will always be a fan favorite.

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