Top 10 Heart shaped foods your family will love

Ah, Valentine’s Day. For most people, it is a day of love and celebrating being together while others simply call it "Single’s Awareness Day."

This holiday of love isn’t just for celebrating love, however. It is also a great way to bake fun foods that are yummy and sweet to eat. Not to mention, if you want to get your kids involved in making Valentine’s Day meals, this is a great way to include them in the festivities.

Kids love to help out, especially when it involves food, and on such a sweet holiday where hearts take center stage all over the place, they are sure to find cooking extra fun.

You don’t have to just settle making these foods for kids, though. They are also perfect for celebrating with your special someone. Or, if you are single and don’t really need to be reminded of this fact, then bake these for your friends or family so they know how much you mean to them.

Here are our Top 10 Heart Shaped Food Recipes that are perfect for Valentine’s Day.

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10. Heavenly Heart Shaped Pancakes

Pancakes are so much fun to make and play with. You can add anything to them and what better way than to serve breakfast to your significant other, child, or even a family member? The best part is, kids will love making this and helping with the batter. Chocolate chips, powdered sugar, and some fruit on the side? This is one recipe that is perfect for beginning this romantic day.

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9. Heart shaped fruit skewers

Fruit is so tasty, sweet, and good for you. This is easy to make, since a cookie cutter heart shape is perfect in order to make the same old fruit you eat perfect and romantic. Plus, it’s also a good way to get kids to eat fruit and they can help with the cookie cutter too!

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8. Heart shaped cinnamon rolls]

Cinnamon rolls are so good and what better way to eat them than to make them into heart shapes? This is another fun way kids can get involved in baking and they are a great way to add some fun to the morning. Pair this with your favorite breakfast meal and some milk, and this will be a tasty treat.

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7. Heart shaped pizza

Oh, pizza, the one food no one can get enough of. This makes for a great lunch or dinner and it’s fun to make. Plus, if your significant other is a big time pizza lover, this will surely make them feel happy and loved. It’s also a fun lunch for kids as well!

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[new page= Mozzarella Heart Shaped Pies with Tomato Sauce]

6. Mozzarella Heart shaped pies with Tomato Sauce

This is a fun recipe that kids can help out with too. Plus, it can make a great snack, lunch, or dinner.

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5. Heart shaped biscuits

Biscuits are so fun to make and turning them into hearts is yet another fun breakfast treat. You could even add in some eggs, sausage, or any of your favorite toppings in order to make it into a breakfast sandwich. There is so much you can do with this delicious heart shaped food.

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4. Heart shaped raviolis

These look so good and raviolis are a perfect way to end dinner after a fun day of romance or just spending time with the people you love. Add some bread or breadsticks and a salad, and you have a great meal that everyone will love.

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[new page= Red Velvet Heart shaped whoopee pies]

Whoopie pies make for a fun dessert and will make kids light up to help make these.

3. Red Velvet heart shaped whoopee pies

This is another treat that would make kids light up. With the red coloring and tasty cream on the inside, this is a sweet way to wrap up any day.

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[new page= Fudgy Chocolate Brownies]

2. Fudgy chocolate brownies

Brownies are so rich and tasty, but turning them into hearts just makes them feel much more special. Kids will definitely not turn down helping to make this and this makes for a great treat for the person you care about on this special day. You could even add whipped cream as a topping if you’d like.

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[new page= Chewy heart shaped chocolate chip cookies]

1. Chewy heart shaped chocolate chip cookies

Choocolate chip cookies are always a delight to eat. But turning them into hearts makes them even more fun and everyone will love these. Make some for your sweetheart, for the kids to take to school, friends, or co-workers, and everyone will appreciate a nice, sweet treat made with love.

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