Top 10 Hottest Former Child Stars

It seems that there are three routes that former child stars take. They either have successful careers in Hollywood, fade away, or have very public, very embarrassing breakdowns. There is a small percentage of those men that make it - that grow up to be very, very hot.

It’s hard to make the transition between child star and actual celebrity. There are people that use child stars and lead them down the wrong road. The crashing and burning of careers come at the awkward teenage stage when the public has to handle that little kid that they loved turning into an adult.

One problem that we’ve seen recently is not how attractive a child star has become, rather, how they can handle all of the power that has been thrown into their hands. For example, Justin Bieber has successfully shown us what happens when a sweet child star has all of his popularity go to his head. No matter how cute teenage girls think he is, you can’t out-cute the law.

When making the list of heartthrobs, I tried to find men that (at the moment) were on their best behavior. Some of the guys on the list are married and have children. Others haven’t been arrested and have stayed on the right, professional path.

There are many child stars that grow up to be hot, but these are the 10 that are the crème of the crop.

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