Top 10 'Parks and Recreation' Andy Dwyer moments

For those who haven't yet seen it, the first full length trailer for Marvel's upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy was released yesterday. Marvel's latest comic book adaptation ventures into more comedic territory, focusing on a c-list superhero team that includes a tree man and a talking raccoon.

Anchoring the film is star Chris Pratt as Starlord--an actor best known for his main role on NBC's Parks and Recreation. Pratt has proved his comedic chops and then some as Andy Dwyer, Pawnee's lovable, lunk-headed shoeshine prone to a pratfall (no pun intended).

It's no secret that Pratt is becoming an up-and-comer, as he just starred as a voice actor in the critically and commercially successful The Lego Movie. He's also held his own in supporting roles in films like Her, Zero Dark Thirty, and Moneyball.

He can play serious, but his comedic sensibility is impossible to deny, especially for any Parks and Rec fan who's come to love him as Andy. To celebrate Pratt's rising star, we're paying tribute to his breakout role in NBC's mockumentary sitcom. These are the top 10 Andy Dwyer moments.

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10. Medical Tests

In season two of Parks and Recreation, the writers made the ingenious decision to pair up two of its most different characters--April and Andy. Since then, their chemistry and energy has always proved to be one of the greatest things about the show.

In this short clip, they discuss a series of medical tests they've had to undergo, Andy of course not understanding not a thing about them. April is busy messing with him, and Pratt knows just how to play Andy's perpetual confusion.

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9. Who's Pregnant?

In the fifth season finale of the show, Andy manages to figure out that one of the show's women is pregnant, but he can't narrow down exactly who it is. While this clip does have some more sweetly humorous exchanges between Andy and April, the main reason it's here comes towards the end.

When Andy finally figures out who's pregnant, Pratt makes the absolute funniest face possible, perfect for the character. Even if you're not a fan of the show, there's a fair chance you've seen a gif of it somewhere around the internet.

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8. Andy on Trial

In this extended outtake, Andy is put on the stand to testify to whether or not Leslie and Ben have been dating despite office policy. Andy may be stupid, but he's no liar, even when it would suit two of his best friends if he could just simply keep his mouth shut.

It's clear that a lot of this is improvised, which is just a testament to Pratt's strength playing this character, who cannot help but tell the truth like a child. "I don't see a bible that I have my hand on, so did I tell the truth?" he says, trying to discount the damning testimony he just gave. "I did."

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7. 5000 Candles in the Wind

Andy is a songwriter too, the frontman of Mouserat, his band that reflects his endlessly upbeat attitude. So when Pawnee's beloved miniature horse Lil Sebastian dies, Leslie commissions Andy to write a tribute song.

Since Leslie asked for "Candle in the Wind, but 5000 times better," it only makes sense that Andy would of course write a song called "5000 Candles in the Wind." It's not just funny, but it's catchy and has Andy written all over it.

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6. Codenames

Andy loves playing his alter ego FBI agent Bert Macklin, and when he's tasked with working on Leslie's campaign, he takes it totally seriously. And of course, there's not much funnier than Andy trying to be serious.

This clip finds him giving the other characters code names that quickly turn into a series of observations on who he's had sex with and who he would have sex with.

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5. Andy's interrogation

Andy's attempts to interrogate a teenage vandal start off as him being completely over-the-top. But it doesn't take long for the kid to get through Andy's act and nearly reduce him to tears. Andy really is a child at heart, and it's always funny to see him get emotional.

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4. Have you seen Hitler?

In one of their classic games of make believe, Andy pretends to be, of course, Bert Macklin while April is Hitler's evil seductress daughter he needs to catch. It's funny enough on it's own, but the best part is when Andy, out of breath and totally serious, bursts into a serious conversation shouting--well, just watch.

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3. Andy and Ben in London

This clip doesn't get to some of the best stuff, but this season's trip to London gave Pratt some great opportunities to bounce off a stuffy British earl who turns out to be just as much a man-child as he is. They're almost as fun to watch as Andy completely misunderstanding British culture and accents.

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2. Andy and April

Anyone not sold on April and Andy's budding relationship in season 2 should watch this clip without seeing the immediate chemistry between the two characters. They take turns trying to do the perfect spit take, but Andy just can't seem to get it right. His simpleness and positivity make him not only hilarious, but one of the only characters who can get through April's tough exterior.

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1. Andy acts out his favorite movies

When a group of potential campaign donors need entertainment after the TV service goes out, Andy is the first to take on the task--acting out his favorite movies for the stuffy crowd. It's a perfect example of the unbridled energy that Pratt brings to the character of Andy. Of course, the movies he picks include such gems as Roadhouse and Babe.

I think the highest praise I can give both the character of Andy and Pratt as an actor is that, if this scene was turned into a one-man show, I'd be first in line to go see it.

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