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Top 10 'Ravenswood' Cliffhangers

If you missed the sad news over the weekend, ABC Family’s Ravenswood was cancelled. The Pretty Little Liars spinoff was only in its first season. Because the show ended on multiple cliffhangers and I have come up with some possible solutions.

I loved Ravenswood. And I’m still holding on to hope that ABC Family will have a change of heart. Until then, we’re still left with plenty of unanswered questions. Just in case we never get the ending we want, I’ve made up some of my own.

Ravenswood followed five kids who were caught in a curse. In the town of Ravenswood, when one solider returns home from war, five teens die. When a soldier returned home Remy (Britney Olford), Luke (Brett Dier), Olivia (Merritt Patterson), Miranda (Nicole Gale Anderson) and Caleb (Tyler Blackburn) were all in a car accident. Instead of all five dying like the curse required, only Miranda did.

Miranda became a ghost and Remy, Luke, Caleb and Olivia had to work to save themselves before they died like Miranda. The five searched on ways to end the curse but always came up empty. In the finale, the show answered some questions but asked even more questions leaving more cliffhangers than I can handle.

Here are 10 cliffhangers and their solutions.

Comment below on how you wanted Ravenswood to end.

[new page=Old Caleb came back]
10. Old Caleb came back

In the final scene, Collins threw one of the bottles of hair on the ground, freeing a spirit. The spirit was original Caleb. Before Remy, new Caleb, Luke and Olivia could find that original Caleb was back, new Miranda saw him.

It is unclear what original Caleb could have done to help the group escape the curse. Would original Caleb also bring back original Miranda or would he fall in love with new Miranda?

Possible solution: To keep Hanna and Caleb from breaking up, new Miranda could fall in love with old Caleb instead of tearing new Caleb’s life apart. Old Caleb and new Miranda could sacrifice themselves and end the curse. Sure, that would mean that new Miranda would not be able to come back to life but at least she’d be with a Caleb.

[new page=Dillon is evil]
9. Dillon is evil

We learned that Dillon killed Luke and Olivia’s father and that he is working for Abbadon. In the finale, he was trying to escape the curse himself. The little girl, Max, said that she would help him. She helped him run through the forest. However, Dillon fell onto train tracks. The finale ended with the viewers questioning if he survived.

Possible Solution: Dillon survives the train tracks at the last minute. Instead of dying, the police catch him and he goes to jail for Luke and Olivia’s father’s murder and their mother goes free.

[new page=Who’s that girl?]
8. Who is the little girl in the red coat?

There is an incredibly creepy little girl in a red coat that runs around Ravenswood like she owns the place. She has been instrumental in getting Remy, Luke, Olivia, Caleb and Miranda into danger. She scared them in Miranda’s childhood home. She is just a scary little girl. Her name is Max.

It’s not clear why Max is there besides to scare everyone. She doesn’t have a purpose or back-story. It would have been interesting to know why there are always two red jackets.

Possible Solution:Max is simply the curse in human form. In order to end the curse, all they have to do is defeat the little girl. And since she’s a little girl, it can’t be that hard, right?

[new page=Collins is good]
7. Collins isn’t as creepy as he seems

While everyone believed that Collins was the one controlling the curse, it was revealed in the finale that he was trying to keep all of the kids safe and didn’t want to be part of the pact anymore. He talked about how the pact had killed his family and that he hated it.

Also, he helped Luke and Olivia’s mother with her legal issues and even used his money to bail her out of jail. Creepy Collins turned out to be kind Collins.

Possible Solution: Since it isn’t really a problem, there is no solution. However, Collins would have had a happy ending. Since everyone was mean to him in school except for Luke and Olivia’s mom, Collins would get with their mom and live happily ever after.

[new page=RIP Miranda]
6. Miranda is still dead

So, Miranda died in the second episode. She was dead all of season one. We found out in the finale, however, that it is possible to bring Miranda back to death. The evil Pastor Gabriel Abbadon said that he could bring her back. However, he was bringing her back for an evil reason. All five of the teens need to die together. So, Miranda chooses not to be brought back to life to save everyone.

Since it is possible for Miranda to come back to life, will it ever happen?

Possible Solution: Miranda is not brought back to life. She sacrifices herself for her friends and goes to be with her (real) parents and old Caleb.

[new page=Are Tess and Springer good or bad?]
5. Do Tess and Springer know about the curse?

Olivia’s best frienemy, Tess, may or may not know about the curse. Springer knows about it and wants to tell everyone. Could these two have been under the curse but chose someone else to take their place?

Springer tried to tell Olivia about what was going on with the curse but Tess hit him with a car. It is curious whether they are working for the good Collins or the evil Abbadon.

Possible Solution: Tess is bad. Springer is good. I never really liked Tess so having her lose isn’t such a bad thing. She was a bad friend to Olivia and she tried to break Remy and Luke apart. Springer tried to do the right thing even when it caused him to get hurt.

[new page=Miranda and Caleb, Part II]
4. Are Miranda and Caleb reincarnated versions of themselves?

In the first episode, we learned that two teens named Caleb Rivers and Miranda Collins died years ago. The two teens looked exactly like present day Caleb Rivers and Miranda Collins.

When trying to figure out the curse, Remy, Luke and Olivia questioned whether Miranda and Caleb were reincarnated. Due to similarities between their past lives and their present, Caleb and Miranda had questions of their own.

Possible Solution: They aren’t. In the last episode, we found old Caleb and new Caleb in the same world. If they were reincarnated that couldn’t be possible.

[new page=How do you solve a problem like Abbadon?]
3. What happens to Gabriel Abbadon?

Gabriel Abbadon is the pastor who came up with the curse. He said that he wanted to protect Ravenswood and to keep people from dying. Really, he’s a crazy villain. He has haunted Remy’s dreams since she was a child. All around, he’s just not a good dude.

As we learned in the finale, he has the power to bring people back to life. He has control over a large group of people. He can shape shift. He is dangerous. He is also a pastor. Knowing all of those things, how do they manage to defeat him.

Possible Solutions: Obviously, he loses. The five teens defeat him. Since he can bring people back to life, he’ll obviously bring Miranda back to life and then the five of them will kill him or banish him. Then no other teens will be cursed.

[new page=What about Rosewood?]
2. Does Caleb ever return to Rosewood?

I think that Caleb and Hanna are a great couple. The only positive thing about this terrible cancellation is the fact that Caleb is free to go back to Rosewood and help the hunt for Alison. But, what if the show didn’t get cancelled? Would he ever go back?

In the finale, Hanna made it clear that she wasn’t ready to give up her relationship with him. Caleb, however, was confused in his feelings for Hanna and dead Miranda. When there was a possibility that Miranda would be brought back to life, it would make a romance between Miranda and Caleb to come to light. But, Hanna and Caleb do have a history.

Possible Solution: Sorry, Miranda, in my version of Ravenswood, Caleb fixes the curse then goes home to his Pretty Little Liar. Miranda can have original Caleb. Or she can find someone else somewhere.

[new page=The curse isn’t broken]
1. The curse isn’t broken

So, about that curse… it’s not broken. Because it was only the first season, it wouldn’t make sense that it already be broken. The curse is that when a soldier goes to war and is saved, five teens must die. Luke, Olivia, Remy, Caleb and Miranda are holding up the curse from going on anymore.

Possible Solution: They break the curse in the very last episode, freeing themselves from a life or death situation. With the help from Collins, Grunewald, Springer and other characters- the curse is broken and all of the teens that were killed because of the curse can finally rest in peace.

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