Top 10 sexiest female American Olympians

With only a few days left till the 2014 Olympics, Americans are on the edge of their seats ready to cheer on their favorite athletes. Behind the scenes, Olympians are pumping iron and crossing fingers, ready for the games with their gear, their good luck and their hot, sexy looks.

It’s not just the amazing feats that the audience is watching. It’s these women who are so amazingly gorgeous that thousands of fans will be flicking their eyes toward these hot ladies.

When the moment comes on, the horns blare for the starting race, or the music sings for the figure skating hour, these women athletes will enthrall us with their beauty and grace. Ashley Wagner in figure skating, Hannah Teter in snowboarding and finally Lolo Jones in speed skating—we’ll remember them for years after the games.

This year, we’ve compiled the top 10 female athletes that we’ve deemed to be the sexiest ones. While all women at the Olympics are beautiful, we at have the ones that we’ll remember most from this year’s Winter Olympics.

No. 10: Ashley Wagner

Born in Heidelberg, Germany, Ashley Wagner will be competing for the U.S. in figure skating. Skating since she was five years old, she’s won a total of eight medals. Four are from the U.S. Figure Skating Championships. Her grace will glide across the ice this year, dazzling the crowd.

No. 9: Julia Mancuso

Born in Reno, Nevada, Julia Mancuso has trained in downhill, Super-G, slalom, giant slalom and combined. She’s won three Olympic medals, five medals in World Championships and eight medals in Junior World Ski Championships. This year, she'll bare her talents in the alpine skiing and glide down the hill with grace and sleek moves.

No. 8: Allison Baver

From Reading, Pennsylvania, Allison Baver won bronze for speed skating in the 2010 Olympics after scoring third in the 2005-2006 World Rankings. This year, she will zoom through the ice with grace, determination and sexy flair.

No. 7: Alissa Czisny

Ever since she was almost two years old, Alissa Czisny has been figure skating from Sylvania, Ohio. She won gold in the 2010 Skate Canada International, the 2011 Skate America and the 2011 U.S. Championships. She scored fifth in the 2011 World Championships. This year, she will grace us with her presence and beauty as she glides across the ice in glittering costumes.

No. 6: Sarah Hendrickson

A nineteen-year-old beauty, Sarah Hendrickson was born in Salt Lake City, Utah. She won bronze in the 2010 Junior World Championships and gold in the 2013 World Championships.

With a talent for ski jumping, this American beauty will ring joy through our hearts as she leaps for her first Olympic gold.

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No. 5: Jamie Anderson

A slope-style snowboarder from South Lake Tahoe, Calif., Jamie Anderson has won eight medals from the Winter X Games. This year, she’ll sizzle on the slopes as she shoots to win gold medals.

No. 4: Clair Bidez

Although she never competed in the 2010 Olympics, Clair Bidez is here for the snowboarding races. Born in Denver, Colorado, she won two medals at the 2006 Winter X Games. This year, she’s bound to win not only some trophies, but also our attention with her sexy, hot moves.

No. 3: Hannah Teter

A natural beauty from Belmont, Vermont, Hannah Teter won the eyes of her fans when she scored six medals at the Winter X Games for half-pipe snowboarding. Winning two medals at the 2006 and 2010 Olympics, she’ll be acing these games with her sleek board and sexy body.

No. 2: Lolo Jones

She’s won gold in Olympic track. She’s won gold in World Championship bobsledding. Coming up, Lolo Jones will be the hottest, sleekest racer in this year’s bobsledding. Born in Des Moines, Iowa, she's got determination and a glistening physique that'll catch her fans' eyes.

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No. 1: Lindsey Vonn

Our favorite winter Olympian, Lindsey Vonn has won 10 medals from Olympics and World Championships in downhill, Super-G, slalom, giant slalom and combined. From St. Paul, Minn., she’s made her state and country proud.

Unfortunately, she won’t be joining us this year, but we’ll never forget the sleek racer she is. She’s got the gold in her pocket, and her looks are hot enough to melt the snow.

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