Top 10 Shirley Temple Movies

Shirley Jane Temple was born on April 22, 1928 in Santa Monica, California. She is the daughter of Gertrude and George Temple, a banker. Temple has two brothers, George Francis and John Stanley.
Temple’s mother was the one to encourage her daughter to sing, dance, and act. She finally enrolled the young girl in Meglin’s Dance School, which was in Los Angeles. This is where Charles Lamont spotted her. In 1932, the casting director for Educational Pictures signed her.

After Education Pictures closed, Temple signed with Fox Studios, and was later loaned to Paramount films, where she starred in Little Miss Marker. At 22 years old, Temple retired from her acting career.

Temple was married twice. In 1943, the young girl met John Agar, a sergeant in the Army Air Corps. In 1945, the two married, and later had a baby girl, Linda Susan. In 1949, the two divorced. One year later, the actress met Charles Black, a U.S. Navy intelligence officer, and was married the same year. The par had 2 children, Charles Jr. and Lori.

Shirley Temple led a long and fruitful life until February 10, 214, when she died of natural causes. The world came to know Shirley Temple as the delightful little girl who amazed everyone with her ability to act, sing, and dance.

[new page =10. Since You Went Away]

This 1944 movie stars an older Shirley Temple. It is directed by John Cromwell, Edward Cline, Tay Garnett, and David Selznick; the last three were not credited. Temple plays Bridget 'Brig' Hilton, a young girl who falls in love with the lodger’s grandson and has an affair with him after her father goes off to war. Temple’s mother, Mrs. Anne Hilton, played by Claudette Colbert, has to take in the lodger and his grandson to make enough money. This movie also features Jennifer Jones, Joseph Cotton, and Monty Woolley.

[new page = 9. Now and Forever]

Henry Hathaway directed this film in 1934. A six year old Temple plays Penny; a young girl is lives with her deceased mother’s parents. Penny’s father, Jerry Day is remarried to Toni, played by Carole Lombard, who wants a family. The pair discovers Penny, and take her in attempt to straighten the father out. Alas, Jerry is swayed by a jewelry thief, and puts his family in peril. This film also features Gary Cooper, Guy Standing, and Charlotte Grandville.

[new page = 8. Captain January]

David Butler directed this film in 1936 based on a novel by Laura E. Richards. Star, played by Temple, goes to live with a lighthouse keeper named Captain January after her parents drowned. When a truant officer deems Star uneducated, and wants to deem Captain January an unfit guardian. To stay with the Captain, Star has to pass the 3rd grade exam. Temple stars in the movie with Guy Kibbee, Slim Summerville, Buddy Epstein, and Sara Haden.

[new page = 7. Little Miss Marker]

This 1934 film, directed by Alexander Hall, features Temple as Little Martha Jane, whose father gives her up as a marker when he gambles. After losing the game, the gangsters take the girl, and run a horse racing scam in her name. Martha is sent to live with a bookie named Sorrowful Jones, Adolphe Menjou, and they later have a father daughter relationship. Living with the gangsters gives Martha a bad attitude. In hopes of returning the little girl to her former innocence, the gangsters put on a show called Knights of the Round Table; Martha is not impressed until they bring in a horse. After parading her around in its back, the horse is startled by Big Steve, and is thrown off. Martha needs a blood transfusion to save her life, and Big Steve is the only one who can do it. The movie ends with everyone being happy, and Martha gets adopted by Sorrowful and his girlfriend.

[new page = 6. Heidi]

This 1937 movie directed by Allan Dwan stars Shirley Temples as Heidi, a young girl who is taken in by her grandfather, played by Jean Hersholt, after she is orphaned. In due time, Temple brings her grandfather out of her hermit shell back into society with her love and personality. Heidi’s aunt, Aunt Dete takes her away to be a companion to the blind daughter of a rich man; however the grandfather wants the little girl back. Through sheer will, Heidi knows that she will be reunited with her grandfather sooner or later.

[new page = 5. Poor Little Rich Girl]

This 1936 film, also directed by Irving Cummings, stars Shirley Temple as Barbara Barry. Barry is the daughter wealthy businessman, Richard Barry. Richard sends his daughter to a boarding school in attempt to get her to interact with children her age. While the girl and her nanny are at the train station, the nanny gets his by a car. Temples wanders around town until she meets a couple Jimmy Dolan and his wife, Jerry, who puts her into their radio act, posing as their daughter. Temple’s father hears the act, and is reunited with his daughter. Her father is played by Michael Whalen, Jimmy Dolan is played by Jack Haley, who also starred as the tin man, and Jerry is played by Alice Faye.

[new page = 4. The Little Princess]

This 1939 film was directed by Walter Lang and William A. Seiter, who was uncredited. Shirley Temple plays young Sara, a girl who is sent to a girls school when her father has to go to Africa because he is in the army. The girl leads a wonderful life until her father is listed as missing in action. Temples goes from being a privileged young girl to a housemaid at the school, and being called The Little Princess. The young girl never gives up in search of her father. This movie also stars Ian Hunter as her father, and Richard Greene as Geoffrey Hamilton.

[new page = 3. The Bachelor and the Bobby-Soxer]

This 1947 film, directed by Irving Reis features an older Shirley Temple as Susan Turner. The young girl has a crush on a playboy artist named Richard Nugent. Temple sneaks into Nugents apartment to model for him, but is caught by her sister, Judge Margaret Turner. Her sister cons Nugent into dating her sister, Susan until the crush wanes. To combat Susan’s false sophistication, Nugent acts like a teenager. This film also stars Myrna Loy as Susan’s sister, and Carry Grant as Richard.

[new page = 2. CurlyTop ]

This is 1935 film, directed by Irving Cummings is most iconic for its songs, especially “Animal Crackers in my Soup.” This film stars Temple as a girl named Elizabeth, who is going to be adopted by Edward Morgan, with her older sister, Mary. After some time, Mr. Morgan finds himself falling in love with the beautiful Mary; however Morgan will not tell her so she accepts a proposal from a naval pilot. Mary does not go through with the wedding because she realizes how much she is in love with Mr. Morgan, when he declares his love for her. This film also stars John Boles as Edward Morgan, Rochelle Hudson as Mary, and Esther Dale as Aunt Genevieve Graham.

[new page = 1. Wee Willie Winkie]

This 1937 movie, directed by John Ford, is about a young girl named Priscilla, played by Shirley Temple, who travels with her mother, June Lung, to India to live with her grandfather, C. Aubrey Smith, a colonel in the British Army. When the mother and young daughter arrive, the two watches as Khoda Khan Rebel leader of the Indian Faction is captured. To gain her grandfather’s love, Priscilla becomes a soldier, however he disapproves. She does win her grandfather over, along with everyone else on the army base, however when a Lieutenant leaves his watch spot to take Priscilla to a dance, the Lieutenant is arrested. The movie ends with Priscilla leaving the army base and going to Khoda Khan’s safety.

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