Top 10 Super Bowl Commercials

One of the best parts of the Super Bowl has absolutely nothing to do with football. We all know what I’m talking about. The parts that make even the girls come running back into the living room to catch. The commercials.

We all love Super Bowl Ads, which makes sense, when we consider how much time and money advertisers have put into making them. And we all know what follows game day, after the parties have died and the hangovers have subsided. That’s right, it’s time for family and friends to start dwelling on those commercials. What starts as a passive comment on which ad you thought was the funniest will quickly turn into a fight involving the whole block on which ad really deserves to walk away victorious. There are various factors that hinder our judgment. Some ads just aren’t targeted at us, some of us prefer exploding cars over snuggling puppies, and of course some of us just want Uncle Billy to be wrong because of the personal grudges we all have against him.

From the clever to the cute, the hilarious to the unnerving, we’re going to try to compile a comprehensive list here of what we think were this year's hits. Without any of our biases towards or against Uncle Billy. Did your favorite ad not make the cut? Leave a comment and tell us why you think it should have made the list!

Number 10: “The Hero”- M&M’s

Cute, action filled, and humorous, this M&M commercial offers something for everyone to enjoy. While cell phones may ruin this movie, a bag of M&M’s certainly will not.

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