Top 10 supernatural-themed films

From witches to warlocks, vampires to werewolves, we’ve always had an obsession with the Supernatural. Since the dawn of film the supernatural, occult, and paranormal have been strong and enduring genres. Recently Vampires and Zombies have been making a comeback with such films as Twilight and Warm Bodies among others, and TV shows such as AMC’s Walking Dead and Syfy’s Being Human and Bitten. Examples of the Supernatural in film go as far back as 1931, with the original Frankenstein, and White Zombie the following year. One of the best things about such films is, like fantasy, there is virtually no limit to what they can do. With such films falling under the genres of thriller, horror, suspense, and even comedy, it just goes to show the versatility and lasting effect of the supernatural in film. While we each have our own personal preferences, from magic to ghosts, we cover the spectrum in our list of top 10 Supernatural films.

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[ new page = 10: ‘The Craft’ ]
Starting off our list is The Craft. Realeased in 1996, the film is a sleeper hit and cult classic. One of the most successful films about witchcraft, the movie follows four teenage girls with powers. The girl’s magic has negative consequences, and causes one girl to begin a sociopathic rampage.

[ new page = 9: ‘Practical Magic’ ]
Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman come in at number 9 with Practical magic. A good movie for a girly Halloween get–together, the film paints magic in a very different light from The Craft. Bullock and Kidman play the Owen sisters. According to a family legend any many they love is destined to die. After the death of her husband Bullocks character, Sally, denounces magic and forbids her daughters to know the source of their powers. After the accidental murder of an abusive boyfriend, the sister must band together to cover up the crime.

[ new page = 8: ‘Never Cry Werewolf’ ]
Coming in at number 8 is Never Cry Werewolf. A Canadian straight to television film, it has been aired only on the SyFy channels. There are very few werewolf films, go ahead, take a minute and try to count the ones you can think of. There are even fewer of such films that are good. While essentially a remake of Fright Night (which will appear later in our list) replacing vampires with werewolves, it is one of the best werewolf films to date.

[ new page = 7: ‘The Mortal Instrument: City of Bones’ ]
The film Mortal Instrument comes in at number 7. Akin with such films as the Underworld series, the film includes multiple aspects of the supernatural interweaving, such as vampires, werewolves, and magic. While more aimed at a young audience, the film takes a unique approach and for those who enjoyed the Underworld series, is most definitely worth the watch.

[ new page = 6: ‘The Wolfman’ ]
As a fan of both classic films and the Universal Monsters, The Wolf Man comes in at number 6. Starring Lon Chaney, Jr. the film is one of the earliest successful and enduring werewolf films.

[ new page = 5: ‘Fright Night’ ]
At number 5 comes Fright Night. An updated vampire tale, it includes a horrifyingly suspicious neighbor, and a circle of friends who never believe you until its too late. The film is a classic vampire movie and horror favorite.

[ new page = 4: ‘Bram Stoker’s Dracula’ ]
Bram Stoker’s Dracula comes in at number 4. While not the 1931 classic, this take on the legendary vampire is masterful. The plot is more in depth and complicated than prior versions, and the cinematography is beautiful. It also features a star cast of Gary Oldman, Anthony Hopkins, Winona Ryder, and Keanu Reeves.

[ new page = 3: ‘Poltergeist’ ]
One of the best and most influential ghost movies of all time, Poltergeist comes in at number 3. The film tells the tale of an average family in suburban California, with working dad, stay at home mom, and three children. As strange events increase in frequency, the family begins to worry. One night, as an unidentified source of energy bursts through their TV set and in doing so causes an earth quake, youngest daughter Carol Anne eerily announces “they’re here.”
What’s more scary than the film itself are the rumors of the series being cursed. Some say the bones and skeletons used in the film were actual human remains, as it was cheaper at that time to use real skeletons over artificial. Many involved with the film died premature deaths, most sadly that of Heather O’Rourke, who died at age 12 shortly after the films release. Will Sampson, who played a Shaman in the film, was a real life medicine man, and performed an exorcism on the set, though it wasn’t proven to have helped much.
This is not the only film rumored to be cursed; our following film has some equally horrifying tales behind it…

[ new page = 2: ‘The Exorcist’ ]
Our all time favorite Demon possession film, 1973’s The Exorcist. The film is based off of a book, which tells the true tale of a young boy possessed in the 1940’s. In the film, the Demon Pazuzu possesses Regan, the young daughter of an actress.
There are many stories, rumors, and beliefs about the films production. It is widely circulated that when the movie was first released in theaters, audiences everywhere were becoming ill and vomiting in theaters. There are at least nine deaths reported in association with the film.

[ new page = 1: ‘Ghostbusters’ ]
And finally, at number 1, comes Ghostbusters. Featuring Bill Murray and Dan Aykroyd, the film is a well-balanced example of humor and supernatural fear. A cult classic, Ghostbusters is always a good go-to movie for an impromptu movie night.

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