Top 10 Third Eye Blind Songs

Third Eye Blind, also known by the abbreviation 3EB, is an alternative rock group. Forming in the early ‘90s in San Francisco, they provide a unique blend of rock, alternative and pop. The band consisted of Stephan Jenkins (Lead vocals, rhythm guitar), Kevin Cadogan (lead guitar), Arion Salazaar (bass guitar) and Brad Hardgreaves (drums).

Songwriters Steven Jenkins and Kevin Cadogan signed the bands first major recording contract with Elektra records in 1996. This was reported as one of the largest deals ever for an unsigned artist.

The band went on to release 4 albums. Now with only Jenkins and Hardgreaves from the original members.

The band met huge success and was found to be an essential addition to any ‘Summer Jams’ mixed CD’s. Their last album, Ursa Major, was released in 2009. Since then there have been many plans and rumors circulating about a 5th album. In 2013, Jenkins announced plans for a 5th album to be released by that June. However, on January 5th, 2014 Jenkins tweeted “My New Years resolution is album five by summer.” The next day he followed up with “We are in fact at the East West Studios in Hollywood recording album 5. So there”.

With multiple top 10-billboard hits, and of course those songs that shoul have been hits but for some reason never made the charts, it’s difficult to say what the best Third Eye Blind songs are. But, with this brutal winter upon us, what better way to fight back nature than sorting that out? Especially with the upcoming 5th album to prepare for!

Did your favorite not make the list? Tell us in the comments!

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