Top 10 Unsung American Heroes

History is unique in the way it helps us reflect on the past, see how much we have changed or stayed the same in the present, and what we can do to create a better future. While we are taught about wars, rebellions, freedom, the Constitution, and more; there are still more untold stories - stories about triumph, strength, courage, change, and more, including stories of unsung American heroes.

Unsung American heroes whose stories changed and shaped the United States of America we know now, were omitted between the pages of manifest destiny, the colonization, the Reconstruction era and the Civil Rights movement. Luckily, their stories have a way of popping up and, with research, calling to be heard and have their rightful place in history.

Below, I will be listing five American heroes most people either have only heard of in passing or never at all. Each hero’s story has impacted America in ways still visible and felt today.

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