'Twisted' Recap: 'Dead Men Tell Big Tales'

On this week’s episode of Twisted, Danny talks about his Aunt Tara’s murder, Rico helps to hide Danny and someone dies!

Twisted is back from a hiatus that seemed to take forever. If you remember, the previous episode ended with Danny running from the police. Jo is angry with Danny and Lacey for hiding their romance. Poor Rico is heartbroken after Jo doesn’t like him back. And, as Jo didn’t have enough emotional drama, she also lost her virginity to a guy that she barely knew.

Jo (like me) is convinced that Danny is a liar and a murderer. She believes the evidence that the police found and won’t forgive Danny. As she goes to her room, she finds Danny there. He wants to explain to her what is up but she yells for her mother. Danny is gone before Tess gets up there.

Jo is also upset because she lost her virginity to the wrong guy. She sits with her mother and tells her about it. Tess comforts her and says that she’ll do it with more people and it’s not special. Jo’s got to stop victimizing herself. She is one of the strongest characters but she doesn’t act like it.

As Lacey looks for Danny, she finds his look-alike running in the park alone. Come on guys, another love interest? With Archie, Rico, Jo, Lacey and Danny already in a love square we can’t add another dude into the mix. Hopefully Danny look-like is going to be Lacey’s friend or something.

On the police front, Private Investigator Marilyn Rossi is trying to find Danny and arrest him because of the murder weapon. Kyle and Eddie are trying to find more evidence. They don’t trust Marilyn and they both believe that Vikram is alive.

While Rico did hide his feelings from Jo for a long, long time he’s also hiding a big secret. Danny, the accused murderer, is hiding out with Rico. Rico said that he gave Danny 24 hours to stay there. Rico also told Lacey that Danny was there.

Lacey is super excited. After Rico’s 24 hours ended, Danny moved his location to Lacey’s.

Each episode, I keep count of a bad cop moment. That is exactly what it sounds like. The Green Grove police force isn't the best and I like to count the moments. The first bad moment is the fact they don't catch the fact that Danny is staying at his girlfriend’s house. You’d think that they’d watch Lacey closely. But, never mind that. Danny is at Lacey’s and the cops missed on a chance to catch him.

Kyle and Eddie decide that they need to go through Marilyn’s hotel room. So, they give her bogus information on a Danny sighting and then Kyle looks through the hotel room. He finds cash in a suitcase. Eddie also finds that the evidence has been tampered with.

Jo finds out that Lacey is hiding Danny. Jo asks what is up. Danny says that he didn’t murder his aunt. His father murdered his aunt and made Danny take the fall for it. While that sounds impossible, we’ve already established that Green Grove’s police force aren’t the most competent. But, Vikram killed Tara and Danny covered for him.

Danny is really mad that his father is alive and trying to make him take the fall for Regina’s murder. So he has Jo get Marilyn to set up a meeting between Danny and his father.

Turns out that his father is alive. And his father tried to defend his actions for making his son take the fall for murder. Danny isn’t having any of it. They argue. But, while they’re arguing Jo is either recording it with her phone or calling 911. When Vikram saw her doing it, he knocked Danny over and chased Jo.

When he finally caught up to her, they were standing on a cliff. As Vikram went to grab Jo, Danny grabbed a stick and hit his father. He caused Vikram to lose his balance and fall over the cliff.

RIP Vikram, again.

Bad Cop Moment Score: 2

Side Thoughts:

-Tess is a jerk for hiding the truth about Vikram from Karen each time she asked.
-Karen had an affair with one of Vikram’s friends and Gloria Crane may have had an affair with Vikram. How many love triangles are we going to get?
-Although I called Lacey insufferable in the beginning of the season, she’s becoming the best character on the show.

What did you think of this episode of Twisted?

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