UK Immigration Minister, Mark Harper, resigns after employing illegal immigrant

Mark Harper, UK Immigration Minister, resigned immediately after details came out that he was employing a cleaning lady, who was in the country illegally.

It is suspected that the Immigration Minister didn’t actually know that the woman was not allowed to be in the country. According to The Scotsman, in Harper’s resignation, he stated that although he did not break any laws, he said “I hold myself to a higher standard than expected of others”.

Prime Minister, David Cameron said that he accepted “with regret” Harper’s resignation, which was applauded by all people, according to the Belfast Telegraph.

At the time, Harper started pushing an immigration bill through Parliament. The bill cited that if employers hired illegal immigrants, the company would be fined $20,000.

This is not the first time a government employee has been caught with an illegal immigrant, even unknowingly. In 2009, Labour peer Baroness Scotland also hired an illegal immigrant to clean her house without asking for copies of the correct documents. She was fined 5,000 pounds, however was allowed to keep her job. This year, Indian Diplomat Devyani Khobragade, was in hot water over fraudulent paper work for her cleaner, and was asked to leave the United States.

Harper will be replaced by y James Brokenshire, former parliamentary ­under-secretary of state at the Home Office.

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