Venezuelan beauty queen shot and killed during protest

Venezuelan beauty queen, Genesis Carmona, was pronounced dead Wednesday, Feb. 19 from a gunshot wound to the head.

According to Daily News, an unidentified gunman shot the beauty queen and student demonstrator during a political protest on Tuesday. Carmona was taken to a clinic by motorcycle but did not make it.

The 22-year old’s death is the fifth fatality that has resulted from political unrest in Venezuela, according to E! News.

“How long are we going to live like this?” a relative said. “How long do we have to tolerate this pressure, with them killing us?”

“She only needed one more semester to graduate,” the relative added of Carmona who had been studying tourism.

The demonstration where Carmona was shot occurred after Leopoldo Lopez, leader of the opposition to the Venezuelan socialist government, was imprisoned on Tuesday after turning himself in to authorities.

Telemundo star Monica Spear and her ex-husband, Henry Thomas Berry, were among the other people to be killed as a result of the South American turmoil.

President Barack Obama spoke in Mexico on Wednesday, Feb. 19 and asked the Venezuelan government to focus on the “legitimate grievances of the Venezuelan people.”

“All parties have an obligation to work together to restrain violence and restore calm,” Obama said.

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