Vh1 creates nude dating show called 'Naked Dating'

Vh1 has created a new reality television show with nudity as its premise, which almost seems appropriate as the next step in reality TV.

The new series, Naked Dating, will feature one man and one woman who go on their own perspective dates and compare notes with each other at the end.
Vh1’s Susan Levison said in a statement about the show that the goal is for the naked daters to find true love.

“At first, this seems like a show that’s all about a noisy, provocative hook — and we embrace that,” she said, Detroit Free Press reports. “But when you go deeper, it’s really about something that we can all relate to — the search for true love.”

The nude daters will need some warm weather to go along with their lack of attire, so the show will be filmed in exotic locations.

Daily Mail reports the show stems from the same company who made shows like Extreme Makeover and Next.

Of course the show is on cable television, so they can’t exactly show their full nude experience. We will just have to tune in to see just how much the network allows them to show.

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