'Workaholics' Recap: 'Miss BS'

Once again, the stars of Workaholics royally mess up at the office this week by almost getting TelAmeriCorp shut down -- for good.

Adam, Blake, and Ders all share a new love interest for an undercover business reporter at the local Rancho Cucamonga news station. She calls herself "Miss BS" and goes around revealing the scandals and rip-offs that exist in the surrounding businesses. They love her show and are determined to meet her. They figure the perfect opportunity would be to invite her to a charity party there are throwing in order to raise money for their broken down car. They invite her down to the office, but it takes a lot of convincing to get her to stay and listen to their immaturity.

So, they do what they know best: pranks. The trio does every funny move they can think of to make Miss BS laugh: they place a blow horn under the desk chair in Montez' cubicle, they show her that they smoke on the job in the storage room closet, and lastly, they mindlessly begin calling the oldest people they can find on their call-list. Adam does my favorite voice, which I can only describe as being an old, soulful, man from the South. Adam cons an old woman by asking her to read back her credit card information as a part of an Alzheimer's test: "That is very good Dorus. You pass your Alzheimer's test, uh thank you very much."

Little do they know Miss BS was playing them the whole time. She records their idiotic actions, airs a clip on her show, and tells her audience that she will be exploiting the fraud that lies within TelAmeriCorp.

Since they all share the broken down Volvo, the guys are stuck taking the bus to and from work where they incidentally run into a hardcore female thug. She bullies them, robs Blake of his soda, and even makes them pee their pants. This shouldn't be a complete shocker since, let's face it, we pretty much learned from the episode 'Man Up' that they have no manly characteristics whatsoever. In order to get away with punishing Miss BS without actually hitting her themselves, they give fast food coupons to the punk girl from the bus stop in exchange for her service.

But, when the guys go to record the expected brawl, they see Miss BS knock the girl to the ground and repeatedly punch her in the face. You wouldn't expect to see a professionally dressed news reporter kicking the life out of someone who has tattoos on their face. Regardless, it works out to the advantage of Adam, Blake, and Anders, because they now have the blackmail they need to get their jobs back and save TelAmeriCorp. For once, they get to dig themselves out of the giant hole they have created.

When Miss BS attends their "charity" party, she walks into what is more like a college kegger. The plan of attack? Get Miss BS wasted so she lets loose and doesn't realize the party is full of underage drinkers. Montez and Bill come to crash the party by acting as the police. Of course, this startles the now drunk Miss BS, and in her state of panic she is shown the blackmail video they have of her beating up the minor. She's in a rough spot. It prompts her to immediately call her coworker and put an end to the story on TelAmeriCorp. All is right again, Alice doesn't have to kill herself, and the rager continues because, well, the cops were fake.

This week's quote: "How's your job? I remember, before we met you, we had three of those things."

Image Courtesy of Comedy Central

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