'Workaholics' Recap: 'Snackers'

Jillian Belk is the star of this weeks Workaholics episode when she is elected as the breakroom manager for the office.

After much debate between Anders and his roommates (Blake and Adam), the episode begins with the declaration that they will be throwing a party for their good friend, Karl. When they all gather to discuss the matter, Karl pressures them to have snacks at the party because last year they ran out. Specifically, Karl wants the flavored popcorn that comes in a three barrel container. With the decision made, the trio sets off to their go-to snack shop -- the office breakroom.

When they arrive to the breakroom the cabinets are near empty, leaving them upset with three empty bags to take home (plus one Clif Bar for Adam). The boys realize they need immediate action if they expect to have any snacks for this party. So, they march into Alice's office and submit their verbal request. Alice, per usual, instantly tenses up because she is tired of hearing about the snacks and Waymond putting his fingers in peanut butter that doesn't belong to him. Alice makes an announcement to the office that an employee must be designated to be the shopper, and this person will have access to her Costco card.

Montez offers to do the job, since his wife has him on a health kick. He is instantly denied since nobody else is about that healthy life. Adam, Blake, and Ders put their brains together and decide to elect Jillian as the designated Costco shopper, because if they elect themselves it will be evident they are the ones responsible for the missing snacks.

It's settled. Jillian embarks on her campaign around the office claiming, "I'll shop for you." After stumbling on her words and placing chicken cutlets in her breasts, she is triumphant over Montez's health claim at the office hearing. She takes her new position and goes on a power trip by locking all the snack cabinets and setting up hidden cameras in cat statues. This damages the boy's hope at retrieving the snacks, so they must think fast.

They devise a plan to go "Ocean's 11" style and swoop the goodies without Jillian noticing. A plan is devised to distract Jillian throughout the day, until finally Anders pulls the fire alarm. When everyone exits the building, they attack the cabinets. Jillian suspects something is up and races up to find them banging on the cabinets with chairs. She pieces the entire day together and realizes they had her fooled from the beginning. Her imagination runs wild with an in-depth plan, one that you would see unfold in an Ocean's movie. It gets her caught up in chasing Karl out of the building, which ultimately leaves Adam, Blake, and Ders alone with the open cabinets. It didn't go as initially planned, but they still wound up with free snacks for the party.

At the end of the day, Alice does not get her Clif Bars and Jillian loses her role as the breakroom manager, along with the Costco card.

Line of the Week: "I'm lookin' like a boss though... in head to toe Costco." - Jillian

Image: Comedy Central

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