Adopted shelter dog saves his new family

An adorable husky mixed dog named Hunter finally found a place to call home. The McLarty family adopted the three-month-old dog, and it was a blessing since he saved his new owners lives.

People reports the family was woken up by Hunter’s whining. Mother Jill McLarty thought that Hunter needed to go outside.

CBS Detroit added that the Michigan Humane Society released a statement saying, “She was surprised that Hunter simply sat outside and continued to whine."

When McLarty and Hunter returned to the family room he continued to whine and tried to get their attention. McLarty and her husband were trying to sleep and she finally gave into his need for attention.

Hunter started to run in circles and led McLarty to the kitchen where she found the gas burner from the stove still on. He proceeded to sit next to the stove in order to show McLarty the issue.

The McLarty family is extremely grateful for their new addition to their family. Father Tim McLarty said, "He is the first dog we ever adopted [from the Michigan Humane Society], and I would recommend it to anybody. And as cliché as it sounds, the life you save may save yours."

This story is a perfect example of how dogs are truly man’s best friend.

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