African singer Dencia defends skin-lightening cream (Video)

African pop singer Dencia is facing controversy after promoting her skin care line called “Whitenicious”. Although the name suggests more, she is claiming that the product is used simply to correct dark spots on the face.

In a TV interview with Channel 4 in the UK, Dencia defended her product by saying that it is meant to clear blemishes and correct dark spots, not solely to lighten the skin, reports Global Grind. Her ad, however, shows her body appearing much lighter than it actually is.

“White means pure, not necessarily skin, but in general,” the singer said in the interview. “Some people they don’t feel confident, they don’t feel pure, they don’t feel clean with dark spots.”

The product has received criticism because many people feel that it will teach darker skinned girls to not feel confident in their own skin.

According to Daily Mail, Oscar-winning actress, Lupita Nyong’o, has become an advocate on speaking out against racism and teaching girls to love the skin they’re in.

When asked about Nyong’o, Dencia said “'I don't accept that. I don't care about her story. I don't know her. I'm an adult and if I lighten my skin then that's my choice, the same as bleaching my hair."

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