'Amazing Race' recap: 'Down and Dirty'

In this sixth leg of the Amazing Race All-Stars, teams started by heading to the Hall of Headstones in Sri Lanka to find their next clue. The leg was close from the beginning, with all teams neck-in-neck, setting up a fierce competitive spirit which would last the whole leg.

After receiving their clue, teams headed to Alawwa, Sri Lanka and the Ceypetco Fuel Station. Once there, they encountered a roadblock which required them to search among a chaotic mess of cars, find four with matching color cards, lead them back to the station and fill them all up with gas before receiving their next clue. Teams were fiercely competitive, and in the mess, Rachel became confused and only filled up cars that were her color, instead of her card color. The move set her and Brendon back into last once more, though they did catch up to everyone else and board the train to Rambukkana.

In Rambukkana, teams headed to the Millenium Elephant Preserve and searched the river for their next clue. There, teams encountered a Detour, In “Trunk”, which was only available to four teams, they had to attach marked timber logs to a chain so elephants could carry the logs. Teams and the elephants then carried three logs each and properly transported six logs. Jet and Cord, Leo and Jamal, Dave and Connor and John and Jessica did this detour.

In “Sheets,” teams loaded wheelbarrows with elephant waste, combined it with water and scraps of paper, and had to make 5 sheets of pressed paper. Flight Time and Big Easy, Brendon and Rachel and Caroline and Jennifer did this one.

After the detour, teams headed next to the Ambepussa Rest House and listened to a song played by a wise man, before receiving a clue sending them to the Pit Stop at Mount Lavinia Beach Hotel.

After a huge footrace and taxi race for first, Leo and Jamal edged just past the cowboys for first, winning a five-night trip for two to Berlin, Germany. The other teams in order were: Jet and Cord, John and Jessica, Dave and Connor, Brendon and Rachel, Flight Time and Big Easy, and in last, Jennifer and Caroline.

However, this was a non-elimination leg, which saved the country singers from elimination. As a result, they will face a speed bump in the next leg.

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