Austin Mahone and Pitbull release 'MMM Yeah'

Upcoming pop superstar, Austin Mahone, has released his latest single with a little help from a very famous producer from Miami.

Mahone just released the music video for "MMM Yeah" which features Pitbull adding his unique flavor. The video is an updated take on the classic "Virtual Insanity" video, which was released long before Mahone was working in the music industry.

The video features Mahone and his best dance moves while the set moves around him and the lights change and move with the beat of the instrumentals on the track. What is interesting and different about this music video is that the production quality is high and features many moving parts, all while highlighting the start of the video, Mahone.

Pitbull lends his musical talents and Miami looks to the video. The song is catchy and shows the vocal range that Mahone has. Pitbull helps to take the song more towards 2014 and makes the entire video feel like a very modern and updated version of "Virtual Insanity."

Even though this remake does not live up to the original, it is still impressive to see Mahone go outside of his comfort zone and embrace an older concept. Mahone is new to the industry and has a long way to go before he comes the next major pre-teen heartthrob but at least he is showing a desire to make his music art and not just another way to top the charts and make money.

Watch the music video for "MMM Yeah" here:

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