Aventure Inukshuk

When in Canada during the winter you must go dogsledding! It’s one of those things that everyone should try because it is such a unique experience.

We decided to try the Ballad package at Aventure Inukshuk. This included instructions, a guide and sleigh for a one-hour ride followed by hot chocolate. This was perfect for us because we were a family with a small child and it wasn't too long of a day. They offer other packages varying from 30 minute rides to 3-day camping excursions.

Our guide was very friendly and knowledgeable. The instructions were simple and it was easy to maneuver the dogsled. The guide rode up front and was constantly looking back to make sure everyone was OK or answer any questions. The dogs were well mannered and friendly as well. The trail was beautiful as we went through snow covered trees in a forest like setting. They also provided heavy blankets for the sled passenger which made the trip more comfortable.

Hot chocolate at the end was great but the best part was meeting the newest additions to the teams. The puppies were adorable and we were able to hold some. The staff feels it’s important for the dogs to get used to human touch and we didn't mind at all!

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