'Being Human' (US) Recap: 'Too Far, Fast Forward!'

In this week's episode of Being human Sally continued her existence in the alternate timeline created by not dying from Danny. Sally in last episode was killed by Ray, and became a ghost. In this episode Aidan killed Ray for taking Sally's life. He rejoined with Bishop and exiled Josh from Boston, with the threat of death should he return. There were some issues with this episode. First, the show is being cancelled and it is the last season. Second, the episode seemed pointless. Sally eventually returned to her appropriate timeline and nothing seemed to build from her previous experience. This means that the last five episodes might neglect some new things that developed, for example Kenny or Sally's love for Aidan. The rapid folding up of the show in five episodes may be cause for alarm or not.

In any event, after Aidan killed Ray and rejoined Bishop as his son. Josh moved from Boston and opened a pie shop, with ghost Sally as his only friend. Sally continually bombarded Josh about finding friends and a lover. Josh didn't agree because he is a werewolf and still liked Nora. He chastised Sally for her interventions that turn sour for everyone. Sally pleaded for Josh to contact Alana so they could find Donna. Josh vehemently refused. Sally eventually possesses him and has Alana come to the pie shop. Josh (Sally) begs her for Donna's contact information. Saying we looked everywhere, even the soup kitchen. Alana realized Josh was possess and pushed Sally out using salt. Josh rebuked Sally, and Alana left refusing to be party to their strange relationship.

Later that night a vampire, sick with virus attacked Josh. He killed the attacker, and Sally explained the virus. She and Josh went to visit Aidan, and explained that Josh's werewolf blood would make Aidan immune to the virus. Aidan accepted, and devised a plan to kill Bishop. He returned to Bishop and returned his blood supply that he had previously taken to sell to vampires. However, the blood he brought was tainted. Bishop suspected so and made Aidan drink first. Aidan did and was unharmed. Bishop then trusted him and drank also. The two became blood drunk and reminisced.

Aidan returned to the house encountering Sally and Josh. He told them to leave and that he ahd finally achieved everything he wanted for the past 200 or so years. He would be king, and replace Bishop. The two disheartened left. Aidan drove around Boston in joy, but then began to have memories of happiness and guilt. Memories with Josh and Sally, and memories of Bishop, which made him feel guilty.

Donna eventually summoned Sally into her kitchen, and began upbraiding her. Sally explained that she was from an alternate time, in which her and Donna began close. Sally explained how Donna ate her soul, exploded and the two became one, bonded forever. Donna didn't believe her until she swiped at her with a kitchen knife and was cut herself. Donna was persuade and agreed to help Sally.

Donna sat the three house members down in their home, and explained how time travel worked. She told them that she would do it if they all agreed, but urged them strongly to agree as she wanted rid of Sally the most. Josh agreed because he had memories of him and Nora (a result of Sally's possession). Aidan agreed because he felt guilt for all those the hurt, including Nora and Bishop. Donna sent them through time and Sally while traveling saw different timelines. One of timelines she was propelled into had Aidan snapping Josh's neck. Eventually she returned to her (the original) timeline. She saw the police and ambulance taking Robbie corpse away. Aidan and Josh apologized but stated that they were unsure of what to do as Sally was gone for so long.

Sally grabbed Aidan and asked if remembered anything. He had no idea what she was talking about, and she was sad. She told them she travelled through time and to the future. Josh was amazed and asked what the future was like, and how near in the future was it. Sally mysteriously and ambiguously stated that it feels all too real and near of a future.

Below is a video of the cast saying what they will miss most about the show.

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