Best moments from 'The Walking Dead' Season 4, episode 13, "Alone"

In Sunday’s most recent episode of The Walking Dead season four, “Alone,” viewers were able to see where each of the characters were at this point of the show. This half of the seasons, the show has been shower one group at a time per episode, but this was the first episode in a while where one got to see more than one group the entire episode. The main group this week focused on was the trio, Maggie, Bob and Sasha and their struggles on deciding where and what they should do now that the bigger group has been split up.
Viewers were also able to continue to see what has been happening with Beth and Daryl from last week’s episode, “Still,” and big changes occur to them as well in this newest episode. All together this episode is just the beginning to the soon to be finale, since there are only three episodes left in the season. Here are the best moments from Sunday’s episode, “Alone.”

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Throughout the episode, Beth and Daryl seemed to have been growing an increasingly stronger bond by the minute. Not only does Daryl start teaching Beth how to use his famous crossbow but they also find some shelter in a funeral home and share some touching moments. They quickly realize the funeral home is currently being used by someone else, who isn’t home at the moment, but end up finding some fresh food in the cabinets. Daryl jokes to Beth that he claims the pickled pig’s feet. After sharing a decent “meal” together, Beth plays the piano and starts singing by candlelight and Daryl listens to her while laying in one of the open caskets claiming its the comfiest bed he has been on in a while. The overall chemistry between the two during these couple of scenes was really heartwarming to see as the two found some brief piece in the hellish apocalypse.
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Maggie has been desperately searching for her husband Glenn since the season has started back up again. Ever since being with Sasha and Bob she has tried to convince them that she wants to go searching for Glenn and that they don’t have to feel obligated to follow her. She declares she is going to Terminus, the sign that they have been seeing that promises sanctuary, although Sasha does not agree they should risk going there. In an act of determination, Maggie ends up leaving the other two and sets out on her own towards Terminus. On her way there a walker approaches her, however she easily takes it down. She then proceeds to gruesomely cut open the corpse’s stomach so that she can use to blood to write on the Terminus sign pointing Glenn in her direction if he were to see it. The scene was great because it showed a desperate act of love and that no matter what, family and love is more important than anything, even at the end of the world.
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A shocker happened in Sunday’s episode when Daryl and Beth were separated because someone in a car took Beth while Daryl was being a bit preoccupied with distracting a horde of zombies away from Beth. After losing Beth, Daryl begins wandering around and eventually gives up and sits in the middle of nowhere, feeling quite defeated. As he is sitting on the ground, a group of guys, who look like Hell’s Angels bikers approach him all with loaded weapons. Ironically, the men appeared on the show a few episodes ago when they raided the house that Rick, Carl and Michonne were all staying in. The group starts to hassle Daryl so he quickly gets up and punches the leader of the group in the face and points his crossbow at him. All of the men in the group are ready to shoot, but the leader who Daryl hit convinces them to all drop their weapons and praise Daryl for his bravery. The man introduces himself as Joe and Daryl says his name. The episode doesn’t reveal if Daryl leaves with the group of ruffians however, it leaves one wondering if Daryl will join the not so good group since he has nothing else now that Beth is gone.
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After Maggie has decided to go off on her own, Sasha and Bob split up as well. Bob goes in search of Maggie to join her in finding Terminus and Sasha goes off on her own to try to survive in a bigger city. Ironically enough, once Sasha arrives in the bigger city, she is the one who spots Maggie on a pile of walker corpses trying to blend in so that no walker will be able to recognize her. Sasha however, recognizes Maggie as she is inside of a tall building looking out a window. She calls to Maggie but a window falls out and breaks on the ground causing Maggie to be startled and also causing walkers to head towards the noise. After dealing with the walkers the two reunite and decide to go after Bob and finally head to Terminus as a group. As the two find Bob, the reuniting of the group is nice to see and it is comforting to know Maggie, Sasha and Bob won’t be alone anymore.

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