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Perfect for all travelers are products by Cabeau. I put both the "Midnight Magic Sleep Mask" and "Air Evolution Inflatable Pillow" to the test and was thrilled with both products.
The Air Evolution Inflatable Pillow is a truly awesome product. Made from Memory Foam, the pillow provides long lasting support and comfort. Its raised side supports helps your neck from falling while you rest. A really cool feature were the adjustable sliding toggles hold the pillow in place (perfect for a crowded airplane). The media pocket is a modern miracle: you have hands free, lap free music listening capability as you travel. Other features include a machine washable cover, compact travel bag that can be attached to your suitcase handle and custom foam ear plugs. Finally a pillow that truly works, providing comfort and support and completely perfect for travel by plane, car, bus and even outdoor trips (the beach!) The Air Evolution comes in a variety of six colors and retails for $34.99.


Next up is the "Midnight Magic Adjustable Sleep Mask", one of Cabeau's newer products. Perfect for sleeping on a plane, blocking out light and noise and even sleeping during the day when you work midnights, this sleep mask is one size fits all. The mask is smooth to your skin and conforms to your face for the perfect fit. It comes with inner round eye liners that provide make up smudge proof protection. Pop in the memory foam ear plugs and drown out all background noise as well. Finally, the adjustable elastic free headband keeps the mask in place without pulling at your hair. The Midnight Magic Sleep Mask is available in black and retails for $19.99.


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