Carmine's Restaurant

What's more New York than great family style Italian dining?

There are plenty of places to choose from, but Carmine's is an authentic Manhattan landmark. Located in the theatre district, it's a short walk away from Broadway and a great place to eat before or after catching a show.

While going as a couple for an intimate dinner is fine, Carmine's is even better with at least four or five people. The portions are huge; the hot antipasto was enough to easily feed four people.

Speaking of the hot antipasto, it was an excellent way to get started. It had standard hot antipasto items like stuffed mushrooms but also some Carmine's specialties like spaghetti pie and delicious mussels in pomodoro.

In fact, everything we ordered off the menu was exquisite. The chicken parmigiana was moist, the cheese plentiful and the red sauce superb.

For a restaurant of its fame, location and serving sizes, Carmine's is surprisingly affordable. A typical entree is $30 but that easily feeds three people. How many other restaurants in New York can compete with that?

Carmine's has several locations in the city but the Theatre District one is at 220 West 44th Street.

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