Cast of upcoming film 'Cesar Chavez' hits red carpet at SXSW (Interviews)

It was time to bring back history and share the story of a historical figure in America, Cesar Chavez.

Cesar Chavez legacy transcends generations through the lives he touched. Chavez who as a civil rights activist, labor leader, and farm worker co-founded the National Farm Workers Association, now called United Farm Workers (UFW).

During the week of South by South West, which took place in Austin, Texas, director Diego Luna and the cast members including Rosario Dawson and Michael Pena, hit the red carpet to talk about the upcoming film.

Actress, America Ferrera, who plays Chavez's wife Helen Chavez in the film, said she was excited that the story of Cesar Chavez was going to be told differently.

"Well I was really glad that this story was going to be told I was shocked that it hadn’t been told and on top of that I never known about Helen Chavez or her contributions were and I was really glad Diego wanted to show the contributions women made," said Ferrera.

According to the Huffington Post , after the premiere for his new film, Luna was in for a rude awakening when he strolled down Cesar Chavez st. downtown Austin, asking people if they knew who Cesar Chavez was. Unfortunately, not many people knew about him--or recognized Diego Luna's face for that matter.

Michael Pena, who plays the iconic Cesar Chavez, said he was a little intimidated by playing a real life character.

"It was different in so as it meant a lot to a lot of people, so I was definitely aware of that and so it was definitely nerve wrecking at least the first 2 weeks.”

The movie Cesar Chavez is set to be out in theaters March 28.

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