Celebrity Tweets: Sunday March 23th, 2014

This Sunday, we bid adieu to another great actor way too early. James Rebhorn passed away in his home today. Many celebs took to twitter to offer their condolences to his family and praise the actor’s work. He will be missed. Thoughts to his loved ones. In other goodness on Twitter, Benjamin Stockham is busy learning his lines for the last episode of season one of About A Boy. It’s such a lovely show. You really should be watching it. Rosie shared another one of the great moments from The Tonight Show. Jimmy Fallon really is doing extremely well. Mayim Bialik is proud to be Superman’s mom. Eric Stonestreet shared a heartfelt moment. Joss Christensen captured a bit of Olympic history and shared it with us. Michael Ian Black has a trillion dollar idea that just might catch on. That and more if you read on. Plenty of lovely tweets to round out your wonderful Sunday.

Are you watching About A Boy? You should be. It’s wonderfully, hilariously, heartwarmingly amazing. Benjamin Stockham is busy learning his lines.

Rosie reminded us of this amazingness.

Mayim Bialik shared this sweet photo.

Agreeing with Chris Lowell. Really, who isn’t ready for a bit of spring wonderfulness?

Eric Stonestreet shared the heartfelt goodbye he had with his parents. Such a jokester.

Joss Christensen enjoyed some beautiful Olympic history.

A bit of politics on this lovely Sunday with shared by Patrick J. Adams

Ricky Gervais shared some truth.

Trevor Donovan asked an intriguing question. Would you be offended or elated?

You should problem patent this, Michael Ian Black. The future.

A few celebs shared some kind words over the death of actor James Rebhorn.

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