Christine McVie confirms she has rejoined Fleetwood Mac, reveals why she left 15 years ago (Video)

With Christine McVie’s official return to Fleetwood Mac after 15 years away from the group, she’s opening up about what led to her departure all of those years ago. She insisted it was nothing personal, strictly just a personal decision after too many years out on the road.

The band confirmed their reunion on Thursday during a Today Show segment shot at Stevie Nicks' home, with McVie telling Carson Daly of her return "I think that can be said with a definite capital 'Yes.'"

As it turns out, there were two factors in her decision to leave the group in 1998 and neither of them were because of bad blood within the group. First, she wanted to be “settled” after 28 years of touring and second, she was scared of flying.

"I was tired of living out of a suitcase. I wanted to be settled. I had decided to move from L.A. to England in 1990 but didn't go there until after the earthquake in 1994. I basically wanted to be the country lady in the Range Rover baking cookies for the local charity. But I was missing something. I idealized a life that didn't exist,” she said, USA Today reports.

She also told Daly, "I had a fear of flying. I hadn't flown for 15 years."

Although she recorded by herself, she admitted "It just wasn't Fleetwood Mac and that tight chemistry." Seeing how “sensational” it was to reunite with the band in London last fall, their reunion became more likely and it lead them to their big announcement today.

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